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    I am Shijuan Kelly, a clinically licensed social worker and therapist. I specialize in working with individuals to help them overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, domestic violence, grief and loss issues, family conflict, and self-injurious behaviors.

    I can also help individuals who struggle with home organization, parenting, anger management, relationships with food and feelings, self-esteem, goal setting, money management, and unplanned pregnancies.

    After witnessing and experiencing generational trauma within my own family resulting in the untimely death of my beautiful niece at the age of 21, A Place For Just’ Us Counseling was born. My niece suffered from deep rooted trauma which she never overcame. Like my niece, I know there are many others who struggle as well. So, for those who are hurting, you do not have to walk alone. A Place For Just’ Us Counseling is here to provide a place of hope, truth, healing, restoration, and triumph.

    I know what it’s like to walk a path of struggle, confusion, anger, depression, and loss of hope. Now, with over nine years of experience behind me as a social worker, I want to provide individuals and families with the necessary tools to heal, thrive, and get that sense of hope back.

    As a solution-focused therapist, I partner with clients to bring transformation to their lives. I am a consistent supporter of my clients throughout their healing journey, and I create a safe space in which clients feel comfortable to share freely with me. My ultimate goal is to help clients discover the truth that they will have a brighter future and their best days are still to come.

    You see, I believe that healing for families begins with individuals. And healthy families are the building blocks of healthy communities. My philosophy is that if one individual teaches another, and that individual teaches another – we can make our communities, and the world, a better place.