It has been over a year since I had my last panic attack. Just for us counseling helped me manage my stress more effectively and look at life in a much healthier way.  My husband and I have grown closed together in the last year since my panic attacks have stopped.  When medication didn’t work, I thought there were no other options.  I am glad I was wrong!  Just For Us Counseling was the answer!

No more panic attacks,

-Steve (Client)

Shijuan was amazing.  I cam into her office the first time a complete wreck.  I honestly felt hopeless and didn’t think she would be able to help, but I was desperate.  I am SO THANKFUL that I took the step to contact Just For Us Counseling.  My life has changed completely and I am for the first time feeling like I have never felt before.  Thanks so much, Shijuan for helping change my life!!

Finally feeling peace!,

-Rachel Smith (Client)

Thank you so much Just for Us Counseling for helping me with my anger.  I really feel like my anger was damaging my life and my relationships.  My family said to me that they feel like thy have their dad back.  I am so thankful that I reached out to you for help.  This was the best decision of my life.

Anger gone!,

-John( Client )